At home in the studio



Steve was born in the Mid-West, graduated from Chicago schools and now resides just outside Indianapolis in the community of Brownsburg. 


Although most artists show an interest in drawing at a very early age, Steve didn't pay much attention to art in his youth.  In his young adult years he saw much art he did not comprehend, and questioned it as art at all.  It was not until later in life after viewing and talking with artists, the  interest in art was ignited and he began creating his own works.  Now realizing there are various forms of self expression through painting, he respects all forms of art, even those he still doesn't comprehend.  Working only with oils, most paintings are done on canvas.


Outdoor art competition

After painting a number of years, being recently retired affords more time to devote to the art process. Having traveled the country extensively, sketchbook and photos during those travels provide a great resource for painting, as well as the impulsive daily events that capture his attention.  As a self taught artist, he looks forward to experimenting with different techniques to best show the view of the world through his eyes.